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AI represents an exciting opportunity for businesses across all regions and industries. However, success in implementation will depend on the management of employee expectations and confidence in the value of transition.

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artificial intelligence in 2022
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The age of AI in the Workplace

Though it is already having a significant impact in numerous sectors, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is in its infancy of influence.

This paper help readers understand the current landscape of AI in the workplace. It assists decision-makers in identifying potential communication, learning and development gaps that may be hampering the active uptake of AI in their organizations.

The major themes to emerge from the international survey include:

Knowledge and Trust

The relationship between understanding AI and trusting AI. What role professionals believe AI will have in affecting diversity and positive change for them and their organisations.

The Implementation Gap

How office workers see current and future readiness for AI implementation at a personal and organisational level, and what initiatives they believe need to be put in place to prepare for AI.

Perceived Benefits

What value, if any, professional employees see AI could bring in their work, and what they believe needs to change in order to realise those benefits.

artificial intelligence

Key Findings

In partnership with YouGov, this research compiles the results of over 4,500 interviews with office workers in seven countries. The interviews were held between March and April 2019 in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and UAE.

of professionals know a fair amount to a lot about AI, 48% say they have moderate to poor understanding. Only 2% have never heard of AI before.
of office workers would trust an AI decision over a person’s. More than half would trust a decision made by a human more than a decision made by AI.
of the professionals already use AI or feel prepared to use it within the next year. However, confidence in their company’s AI-readiness is far lower and 2/3 think their employer is not prepared.


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