Our best resources to help shape your 2021 L&D strategy

Thiago Kiwi
Jan 08, 2021

Accelerated digital transformation, workforce distribution, and acute leadership dilemmas have disrupted learning and development in unprecedented ways. At the same time, the crisis has made L&D teams more essential than ever. 

In the past few months, we have worked closely with our clients and explored a diversity of topics to help shape their executive learning strategy for 2021. While planning for uncertain times is challenging, we have prepared a shortlist of with some of our most interesting podcasts, articles and webinars to give you a head start. 

Creating an effective learning strategy 

We invited Angela Lane and Sergey Gorbatov – both practising senior executives in talent management – for an interactive session to hone your thinking ahead of 2021. As well as 9 capabilities to invest in, they also shared a diagnostic tool to evaluate the greatest area of opportunity for your organisation and a checklist for execution. Click here to watch the webinar on demand. If you are finalising your L&D strategy, it will be an hour well spent.

Ensuring people actually learn 

Content overload is a reality of our times. In these difficult times we are given endless opportunities to learn and develop. But what separates organisations and individuals that learn effectively from those that don’t? To answer this and other questions, we interviewed Nick Shackleton-Jones, author of How People Learn, and HR Director at Deloitte UK – listen to the podcast here [40 min listen]. 

5 key leadership skills to consider 

Whatever shape the new working paradigm takes, skills—both hard and soft—will become even more critical. To understand some of the key skills that will help leaders to be more effective, we spoke to a group of industry experts and shortlisted 5 key skills for leading through a global crisis,  which you may want to consider incorporating to your strategy [10 min read]. 

Elevating the Learner Experience 

True transformation happens when people are meaningfully engaged in the learning experience. In an online environment this is particularly hard to achieve. During the Learning XChange Summit in November, we brought together many of our clients and partners to share challenges, opportunities, and successes in enhancing the experience. The final two sessions – Harnessing the potential of the digital experience and “Using hybrid learning to drive impact – are particularly relevant. You can access both sessions on demand here [40 min videos] 

Measuring impact 

One of the key aspects of an effective learning strategy is to turn learning objectives into tangible business outcomes. Early last year we hosted a rather technical session about measuring impact of executive education programmes. We covered the different types of measurement and why they are important, the benefits and limits of psychometric self-assessments and how to design experiments and measure in a way that will help you improve business outcomes. Click here to watch the session on demand. This session demands concentration, but it brings valuable insights[47 min video] 

Better Learning Partnerships 

Whether you have a large L&D function or just a small team, bringing new learning partners onboard can be challenging. But if you are able to create a comprehensive RFP addressing all your key needs, then you are off to a good start. Our first webinar of 2020 was precisely about designing RFPs, hosted by our associate faculty Adam Kingl and our VP of Corporate Partnerships Jean-Marie Ardisson. The recording is available here. [45 min video]  

And don’t forget culture 

The covid-19 crisis has forced many businesses and entire industries to embrace digital transformation – that, of course, is not different for L&D. But our experience shows that transformation is harder to sustain without a genuine cultural transformation. The culture of your organisation influences every decision taken by your team, so it can either be a key enabler or a major obstacle for any kind of transformation. This is particularly true when it comes to digital.  

We commissioned a series of articles by our associate professor Alan Brown to help you navigate the culture dilemma. The first talks about how you can leverage the initial progress in digitalisation to become a truly digital business. The second explains how you can help your business embrace an agile culture – which is an important aspect of a digital business. While both were written before the pandemic, they remain highly relevant. 

Focus and Relevance

We hope this selection helps you start this year on the right foot. We are making a commitment to support our clients and our audience with highly relevant content and industry-focused initiatives. If you have any questions or would like assistance with your strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website – we will be happy to put you in touch with the right people.

We wish you a successful, healthy, and happier New Year.

Thiago Kiwi

Head of Marketing & Communications at Headspring

Thiago is an award-winning marketing and communications leader with over 10 years of experience in the global higher and executive education sector. He holds a Bachelors in Communications and a Masters in Political Communications & Marketing from the University of London, as well as multiple executive and leadership development certifications. When he's not busy studying for a new course, he's growing vegetables in his allotment or training for his next marathon.