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The ability to adapt quickly and with agility is, now more than ever, essential in a globalized world and increasingly focused on technology. For many companies to understand and incorporate into the day to day of their business tools such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has become a priority, but there are really very few that have made progress and manage to exploit their full potential.

The HR department is offered the opportunity to lead this process of transformation, adopting a strategic role and hiring people with specific skills so that they can enable change within the global context. In the same way, the development of internal talent is necessary to ensure the resilience of employees in the face of labor changes.

Álvaro González Alorda

Álvaro González Alorda is the co-founder and managing partner of emergap, a consulting firm specializing in transformation. He has collaborated with more than 100 companies in 25 countries. Álvaro is an associate professor at IE Business School, an educator at FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance and visiting professor at INALDE, ESE and IEEM, among other business schools. He is the author of The Next 30 Years (Alienta, 2010) and The Talking Manager (Alienta 2011).

Ed Fernández

Ed Fernández (YPO Global One) is an investor and advisor of VC in initial stages and start-up. He works as a mentor and advisor at Singularity University Ventures (SU Labs) and Berkeley’s SCET (Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology). Ed is the partner and co-founder of, an investment advisory consultancy with venture capital that specializes in technology-related start-ups and early-stage data management companies.