HR Talks in Basel: Cultural Transformation in a Digital World

Thiago Kiwi
Jun 07, 2019

What is the best way to engage leaders in the process of business transformation? How to identify and empower change agents – or ‘evolution ambassadors’ – without alienating staff? What does it really take to culturally transform a business and prepare for the digital world?

These are some of the questions that HR and Learning & Development leaders had a chance to explore in an exclusive breakfast roundtable event in Basel, Switzerland on Thursday, 06th June.

The digital era is compelling companies across the globe to adopt new ways of doing business. Participants were able to understand the importance of innovation and adopting a learning culture. The discussion also crowdsourced ideas on how to nurture a culture of adaptability and agility to succeed in a volatile business environment.

Headspring Educator Prof Balvinder Powar and Financial Times Executive Editor Lyndsey Jones delivered a very engaging and interactive session in which guests had the opportunity to discuss best practices, explain their own challenges and find answers to some of their burning questions.

Cultural transformation is a journey that demands courage, resilience and time. All this means engaging more closely with their workforces, taking ownership of change strategies and implementing business practices that align better with company strategy.

Digital Transformation

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Thiago Kiwi

Head of Marketing & Communications at Headspring

Thiago is an award-winning marketing and communications leader with over 10 years of experience in the global higher and executive education sector. He holds a Bachelors in Communications and a Masters in Political Communications & Marketing from the University of London, as well as multiple executive and leadership development certifications. When he's not busy studying for a new course, he's growing vegetables in his allotment or training for his next marathon.