HR Talks Berlin: Leadership Development for the 21st Century

A breakfast roundtable session in Berlin about developing people and empowering leaders to embrace change and drive innovation.

Developing new models of leadership

AI, Storytelling, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Metacognition. Predictions about the future of work often come surrounded by terms that offer very little clarity.

At Headspring, we believe the future is about people. While the digital era is compelling companies across the globe to adopt new ways of doing business, what will make the difference is good leadership.

To survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive world, business leaders need to understand the importance of innovation and adopting a learning culture. They need to be adaptable and agile to succeed in a volatile and unpredictable business environment. All this means engaging more closely with their workforces, taking ownership of change strategies and implementing business practices that align better with company strategy.

Hosted by Headspring, a Financial Times and IE Business School joint venture, this breakfast session will give HR executives the opportunity to meet their peers, discuss corporate culture issues, and compare approaches to leadership in the digital age.

It will bring together a small group of senior HR executives to debate leadership challenges, approaches and strategies.