Foresight Series: Engaging a multi-generational workforce

A panel discussion hosted by FT | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

A panel of HR experts, FT journalists and practitioners discussed a wide range of issues on how to manage the multi-generational workforce, including the tone to adopt, early engagement of young recruits and stereotyping pitfalls.

Participants stressed the need for caution in adopting simplified talent models that only work as broad generalisations. For example, it’s not just about managing technology for older workers, or about creating enlightened career paths for younger staff. Similarly, 50-something employees are not over the hill, though some may need to rethink the rigid workplace hierarchies they are used to.

For all age cohorts, the overriding question is to identify what skills each person has to offer—and all generations have something important. Ultimately, however, we are talking about individuals as much as generations.