HR Talks Amsterdam: Leadership in the Digital Era

Hosted by FT | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, a morning session was held at KLM’s Digital Studio in Amsterdam which gathered a limited number of HR leaders and senior HR professionals from various industries who share the same passion for strategy, technology and innovation.

Any company that wants to prosper in the future is already building up digital skills and technology, either through acquisition, or organically by redefining company processes and functions through technology. But it takes more than strategy. Companies must fully engage their workforce if they are to end outdated routines and practices that may have prevailed for years. It is far from easy to translate new business models into a viable organisational structure and company culture.

Forward-looking executives are now envisioning cross organisational and technological processes that drive technology and organisation rather than the reverse. But to achieve this, the C-suite and board members need to set out and disseminate a clear and common strategic vision for the entire company, align investment, and fully engage the workforce.

Annelies Leveling, Vice-President of L&D at KLM, introduced the Digital Journey the company has embraced in the last few years.

The session was followed by a discussion led by Michael Skapinker, Financial Times contributing editor, and Joseph Pistrui, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IE Business School, and covered topics such as:

  • New ways of thinking and new frameworks to solve future challenges
  • Building an Innovation Culture in your company
  • Entrepreneurship: a corporate capability