Foresight Series: What’s next for Fintech?

A Foresight Series event organized by FT | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

The emergence of Fintech has led to the introduction of a huge component of innovation in an industry that had been widely bet on the “Fast Second” strategy in its innovation models. In the dynamics that we are going to develop, the different areas of contribution of the FinTech to the industry will be explored, as well as scenarios of the impact of the same in the industry will be constructed. With all this, it is intended that the assistant obtain his own personal model of response and use of the FinTech ecosystem.

Salvador Aragón combines practical and academic approaches to the world of business innovation. In his role as manager, professor and researcher seek to give a coherent response to the challenges, problems, and opportunities of innovation within the company. Salvador Aragón has published studies on convergence and digital society, the development of new services based on emerging technologies, the appearance of employment sites associated with social trends, or the role of diversity in organizational innovation.

The Foresight Series

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