FT journalist expertise in corporate learning programmes

In a volatile world, business leaders need a deeper understanding of the issues behind the headlines.
Jun 07, 2018

To help develop their leadership teams, Learning & Development and HR partners are looking for answers to complex questions on the major topics of the day that are having an impact on their  business. Financial Times journalists have the knowledge, clear thinking and insights to help develop better leaders.

In this video we show short extracts from four leading Financial Times journalists in conversation with FT Associate Editor Michael Skapinker. Each is taken from individual 30-minute conversations that form valuable introductions to key topics for our clients:

  • John Thornhill, the FT’s innovation editor, on digital technology and what it’s doing to business
  • Izabella Kaminska, the FT’s Alphaville editor, on the impact of fintech
  • Gideon Rachman, the FT’s chief foreign affairs correspondent, on the impact of geopolitics on business
  • Andrew Hill, the FT’s management editor, on leadership and the qualities leaders need

These are just four examples of the many topics on which we can offer journalistic and academic insights. Access to these and many other FT journalists helps make our customised executive education programmes unique by connecting the FT with our global alliance of leading business school and educators.


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