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Who is it for?

For Leaders and Decision Makers

Headspring’s online Sustainable Growth programme helps corporate leaders understand the fast-changing environmental, social and governance (ESG) context in which they operate. It guides participants in how to design and implement practical and responsible strategies for sustainable development that maximise the benefit for the company and wider society.

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The programme has a flexible design, which will ensure it is the right learning solution for your business.

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Live Online

Participants are in control of their learning experience and can access live sessions or on-demand.

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Through group work, participants apply their skills to solve specific challenges faced by your business.

Key Outcomes

Making Sense of a World in Change

Every business is different. Every business feels the impact of change and social disruption differently. Shifts on the perception of the role of ethics in business are driving new consumer behaviour as well as employee relations trends.

This programme has been designed to help leaders understand and face these trends so they can seize opportunities and develop sustainable strategies.


How Business & Society Interact

Understand the society/company benefit matrix and how to achieve commercial and social balance.

Understanding Sustainable Growth

Learn about the dramatic changes that businesses are facing and explore ways to navigate them.

Identifying Your Stakeholders

How do ESG issues affect stakeholders, and how do these pressures impact businesses?
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Leadership & Sustainability Values

What kind of leader would you like to be? How do your values align to global sustainability values?
Module 1

1. Why Sustainable Growth Matters

The sustainable development programme begins by providing a sense of the dramatic changes that may lie ahead for companies. We introduce our diagnostic tool along with the programme structure. Participants will understand key concepts and evolving viewpoints on sustainability issues.

on demand client focused self paced

Live Sessions

Introducing the big sustainability issues that are changing the business world, the terminology used, and our diagnostic tool.

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Group Project

Selected groups of 5-8 executives analyse which ESG issues are most important in terms of risks and benefits to their own organisation.

Module 2

2. Know Your Stakeholders

The second session focuses on stakeholder concerns and how they may conflict with other stakeholder pressures. It includes case studies, examples, FT stories and lessons learned around key stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, employees, regulators, media, competitors and shareholders.

on demand client focused self paced

Live Sessions

Participants will learn how ESG issues affect, and are shaped by stakeholders, especially when different stakeholder interests conflict.

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Group Project

Participants consider how stakeholders relate to their organisation on ESG issues, using realistic worst-case risk scenarios.

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Module 3

3. The Six Pillars of Sustainability

At Headspring we go beyond the traditional three pillars of sustainability (economy, society and environment). The third session will offer an explanation of our six principles of sustainable development followed by in-depth expert commentary on how each principle has been applied in real situations. Participants will learn the foundations of a sustainable ESG strategy why many ESG approaches misfire or fail.

on demand client focused self paced

Live Sessions

Understand how to manage shareholders and achieve brand alignment. Learn how positive activities can produce negative impacts, and how to deal with different cost-benefit approaches.

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Group Project

Participants consider their own organisation’s current and future ESG activities, and test their effectiveness against Headspring’s six principles and other industry standards.

Module 4

4. How Businesses and Society Interact

In the fourth session, participants will learn how to determine the relevance and effectiveness of their current ESG activities (as well as that of their peers) and create a clear path to sustainable growth.

on demand client focused self paced

Live Sessions

Understand the society benefit matrix and see examples of the different types of  ESG activities. Learn how business initiatives can be commercially and or socially justifiable.

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Group Project

Participants review their business activities to identify the balance between business and society benefit. They then move on into planning a realistic pathway to optimise the benefits to both.

Module 5

5. What Kind of Leader Are You?

Sustainable Leadership is a key aspect of this programme. In the final session, participants will learn about their role and purpose as a sustainable leader, and the different ways they can make a positive impact on society and business. As part of the final project, they will develop an ESG plan, which can be further developed for the following three months.

on demand client focused self paced

Live Sessions

Understand why leadership matters when a company develops its ESG vision. Learn from other leaders and understand how their styles have adapted to change.

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Group Project

Participants consider the pre-work self-assessment exercise suggesting what leader type they are, what type they thought they were and what type they want to be.


Our Philosophy

What Makes it Unique

Delivering deep and current insights into real business-relevant topics, we will help your team stay abreast of technological, political or economic trends as they happen.


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A high-impact leadership programme created to meet the demands of the world we live in. Fully online.


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Learn from some of the world's most influential and well-connected Financial Times journalists.

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Next Steps

How we will work with you

Co-creation is one of the key principles of the Headspring approach. We don’t assume we have the answers – instead, we work with our clients to create and deliver a solution that meets its main goals and objectives. As part of this process, the next steps will include:


The first step is to connect with our corporate partnerships team. We will diagnose your needs and set a clear goal for your programme.


The second and most important step is to design a programme that meets you business objectives and strategy in the short and long terms.

Bring to life

The third step is when we bring your programme to life. Our team will be ready to ensure the plan is followed through and that objectives are met.

Measure impact

After the programme, we will continue working with you to help you measure the results and the impact in your business.

Ready for the next step? We are.

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