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Leadership at Cefetra

Hear about the Leadership Programme and future of leadership at Cefetra, with their HR Director Mirjam Ruiten, Financial Times contributor Michael Skapinker and Headspring’s Meike Gil.

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Client Story

Leadership at Cefetra Group

Cefetra Group is a global company that supplies agricultural raw materials to the feed, food, and fuel industries. Hear their HR Director, Mirjam Ruiten, have a conversation with Michael Skapinker, contributing editor at the Financial Times, about leadership styles, decentralised corporate environments, ethical frameworks, digitalisation, short-term vs long-term thinking, and much more.

In this podcast, you will hear about:

  • The Cefetra Leadership Programme
  • The benefits of decentralised corporate environments
  • Digitalisation and leadership
  • Short-term vs long-term thinking


Meet our Guest

Mirjam Ruiten

Mirjam Ruiten is the HR Director at Cefetra Group.

As the Human Resources Director at Cefetra Group, Ruiten leads and manages the overall HR strategy.

Having a background in International Business and having worked in different industries and countries both in general, project, and expert HR roles, Ruiten comes with a no-nonsense and can-do attitude and is curious about people and their drivers.

Her core competencies include delivering results on talent and performance, providing inclusive customer solutions and experiences, and contributing to strategic organizational changes and (leadership) development. Ruiten is passionate about the intersection of HR, business, and technology, and how they influence the future of work. She is particularly intrigued by the diversity of people, their cultures, and backgrounds. She enjoys looking at the bigger picture and making meaningful connections.


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