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Understanding and Tackling Unconscious Biases

We all have unconscious biases. They shape our behaviour and assumptions.

Unconscious biases are linked to subconscious prejudices we all adopt throughout our lives. It leads us to make unconscious, unfair assumptions about people simply based on their gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, religion, age, etc. Different from more obvious or clearer acts of discrimination, unconscious bias is much harder to identify and can be present even in people who are committed to equality.

Across human resources departments, talent selection, attraction, retention, evaluation and promotion processes are often conditioned by voluntary and involuntary biases. This pre-designed programme was created to help HR leaders understand and overcome their own prejudices and support their teams and the wider business in achieving better D&I outcomes.

Live Online

Participants are in control of their learning experience and can access live session or on demand.

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Through group work, participants apply their skills to solve specific challenges faced by your business.

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The programme has a flexible and hybrid design, which will ensure it is the right learning solution for your business.

Key Outcomes

Understand why companies have to promote diversity and inclusion

This programme is designed to deliver a deep understanding of why businesses have to promote diversity and inclusion. While exploring the unconscious biases that can affect the identification and selection of diverse talents. The programme will be supported by the knowledge and experience of our senior Financial Times journalists, it will help your team implement concrete, measurable results and business impact.

Process of discovery

Discover practical tools to develop a company-wide culture which allows a strong feeling of belonging and equality for everyone in the organization.

Knowledge and belief

Deal with day to day behaviors which will help your teams to act with empathy and understanding, recognize the impact of actions on diversity and inclusion.

Training of practical tools and resources

Run experiments to support that cultural change only happens through change in habits and behaviours.

The Learning and Doing Journey

Experiments Focused on promoting inclusive leadership and effectiveness

This programme has been designed in a online format in which participants has the opportunity to go through a process of discovery, knowledge and training of practical tools and resources. Which promotes inclusive leadership and the effectiveness of divers teams. The programme is comprised of 3 modules online. The programme will follow an interactive methodology based on sequence of: contextualization, self-knowledge, inspiration and application with an action plan.

team based learning

Headspring Labs

Virtual sessions designed to take a deep-dive into a specific topic and providing attendees with tailored solutions to their challenges.
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Learning Platform

We employ an online tool to support the deployment of a global programme online and promote a high level of interactivity among the participants.
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Learn from other participants on how to think critically and drive meaningful changes in your workplace.
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This programme includes a series of experiments where participants will be exposed to the “test and learn “ methodology.


Participants will carry out a preparation consisting of viewing short videos and reading articles that initiates a first level of knowledge and awarness on diversity and inclusion in all its facets. How to attract, select, retain, evaluate and promote talent to bring a greater impac

Module 1

Self knowledge

The first session will focus on giving an overview of what are unconscious biases and how they limit the HR processes. The participants will understand what are the dominant biases and how they can neutralize them. They will also detect their personal triggers when a bias is identified so they challenge and adapt their behaviour.

Module 2


In this session we will go deeper. The participants will strengthen their knowledge on how to become an inclusive leader and create an inclusive culture and environment. They will learn what other organizations are doing, their good practices, success and failures. They will also learn the inclusive language to adopt in the HR selection processes while setting some KPIs on how to measure diversity and inclusion.

Module 3

Application and action plan

In this final step we will extend and wrap up on the various topics. Following a very dynamic methodology, participants will be able to design and implement concrete measures to build an environment free of biases in their role when it comes to attracting, recruiting and promoting talent. In this session we will work both at the individual level of each participants and at the organizational level.

Journalistic Approach

What does the FT bring?

FT Journalists play a key role in our programmes. They offer global and local context and a deep insight into some of the world’s fastest-growing trends and industries.

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Next Steps

How we will work with you

Co-creation is one of the key principles of the Headspring approach. We don’t assume we have the answers – instead, we work with our clients to create and deliver a solution that meets its main goals and objectives. As part of this process, the next steps will include:


The first step is to connect with our corporate partnerships team. We will diagnose your needs and set a clear goal for your programme.


The second and most important step is to design a programme that meets you business objectives and strategy in the short and long terms.

Bring to life

The third step is when we bring your programme to life. Our team will be ready to ensure the plan is followed through and that objectives are met.

Measure impact

After the programme, we will continue working with you to help you measure the results and the impact in your business.

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