Masterclass Madrid: Building an agile organisation

A dynamic workshop for L&D and HR leaders in Madrid

Business agility, Agile development, is the new frontier of digital transformation.

Organizations today have the need to run faster: moving from trend to experiment and learning how to make the company more successful faster. Introducing the Agile format will allow us to transform our way of thinking with respect to: the organization, the structures of hierarchy and the speed with which people are able to learn and adapt; all this, at the lowest feasible cost.

Human Resources professionals need to keep pace with the work environment and, at the same time, define strategies and long-term plans that ensure anticipation of the challenges that the company will face and before they affect the company.

Among the topics that D. Ricardo Pérez, Professor of Information Systems of IE, presented in the interactive session are:

What are the implications of the Agile application for the departments of a company?
– In the face of technology
– From the perspective of business development
– For the HR Department
What are the main challenges when implementing Agile, in relation to internal coordination and measurement of results?
What is the role of talent professionals once the organization adopts the Agile format?