What is the Coaching Collective?

A Community of L&D Leaders

In a nutshell, The Coaching Collective is a community and a safe environment for Learning & Development, Human Resources, Organisational Development and Transformation leaders to learn, network and develop their capabilities to a higher level.

We are building a community of Learning & Development Leaders. We combine networking with a 3-part learning methodology: development through expert content, internalisation of concepts through sharing, and action planning. The method is applied through six sessions, over 90 days. Between sessions, we build a sense of community by staying in touch, engaged and building a professional development network.

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Scientifically researched content delivered by experts with hands-on experience in organisational and career development.

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Join a community of L&D and HR leaders. A safe place for you to learn and share your own challenges with people who have similar pressures.

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Take Action

Create a personal action plan to achieve your goals and gain more influence on the business agenda. Learn how to build new, effective habits.

Who is it for?

A small, yet strong community

The Coaching Collective was designed to be small. Our goal is to keep our groups to a maximum of 20 people. The idea is to help a very solid network so you can rely on each other to learn and share.

Applications are open to senior HR, L&D, OD and other transformation leaders who understand the challenges of taking their business through change. Our groups are diverse – yet we try to ensure that members have enough in common to maximise learning and meaning exchange.


The Path To Transformation

Learn. Exchange. Transform

Transformation hurts. Going through a truly transformative process requires commitment and an honest dive into our own challenges and weaknesses.  Enabling this process is our role.

Immersive Events

Every leadership development process needs to based on scientific evidence. The six sessions will offer your the foundation you need to develop your strenghts.

A Safe Collective

Transformation is tough, but it suddenly becomes a lot easier when it's done in a safe space, without judgement and with the right support.

Your Action Plan

Take ownership of your personal development by committing to your own personal action plan, including an ecosystem to help you achieve your goals.

Collective #1

1. What Does It Mean To Be Fearless?

Our first collective is all about understanding the concept of courage: the ability to speak up on issues, challenge others, take risks and even push limits, to deliver superior results.

Participants explore why having courage can be hard. Participants share their experience with courage and discuss how a lack of courage may hold them back. Finally, participants leave with a call to action; to complete three assessments which explore the psychological underpinnings for their approach to risk-taking.

Collective #2

2. Building My Self Awareness: What is Standing in My Way?

Next up is our collective #2, where members will learn the importance of self-awareness to performance improvement and explore the role personality plays in our approach to courage.

Participants receive personalised psychological reports. We interpret the results to reveal the reasons why our courage may fail us. Participants share their report’s themes and start to hypothesize about the nature of the change they need to make. Participants learn to observe and reflect on their behaviours without self-judgement, in the light of what they have learnt.

Collective #3

3. Think Like A Scientist - Building A Hypothesis For Improvement

Collective #3 is when things become experimental. You will have the opportunity to explore the importance of diagnosis to development: accurately identifying what goes wrong so that you can improve it.

Participants share observations, since the last Collective, which suggest their hypothesis of “what’s up?”. Each individual agrees their the small actions or omissions which, if changed, would build them a reputation as an HR leader with “courage”. Motivation is created by exploring the benefits of courageous leadership. Participants leave with instruction on how to complete a hypothesis, expressed in the form of a “from: to” statement.

Collective #4

4. How Talent Develops

Our collective #4 is about talent. You will be able to understand how people acquire new skills and the science behind learning.

Participants learn the importance of focus, and we introduce the concept of the “micro-skill”. Based on work to date, pairs discuss their plan of development, including selecting a micro-skill to test. Participants leave with specific examples of when and how they will demonstrate “little acts of courage”.

Collective #5

5. Personal Action Plan

Collective #5 is all about you. In this session, we explore how to build habits through deliverable practice.

Participants discuss their experience since the last collective: when did they take risks, what worked, and what challenges where encountered. We celebrate successes. We use challenging experiences to recalibrate personal risk. Individuals refine their experiment and start to outline a development plan which will support them after the program concludes. Participants leave with two challenges; continuing to practice building their micro-skills, while applying the principles of deliberate practice. With a buddy, they commit to finalizing their post-program plan.

Collective #6

6. Habits Make Perfect. Accountability Makes Habits.

Collective #6 is the beggining of a new (and better) version of yourself. A new journey starts as our program comes to closing. You will have the opportunity to explore the things that get in the way of our building new, effective habits.

Participants discuss their development plan, including how they will create their personal “ecosystem”, ensuring ongoing motivation and accountability for change. Participants leave with a final call to action; stay connected with one another, leveraging this network as they build towards mastery.

Your Coaches

Industry Experience. Scientific Foundation

The Coaching Collective was designed to be an exchange of experiences. The people behind it are the same ones delivering it. They bring their personal and professional experiences, founded on scientific research.

Angela Lane

Angela is a senior executive with more than 25 years of experience leading global Human Resource functions. She has led the transformational change of the talent landscape across a range of Fortune 250 companies, by equipping leaders with practical tools, steeped in the science of high performance. Angela is currently Vice President of Talent at AbbVie Inc., a Fortune 100 company.

Sergey Gorbatov

Dr. Sergey Gorbatov teaches, speaks, researches, and writes about the complex sciences of leadership, organizational behaviour and human resources, while making it simple. Outside of academia, Sergey is Director, Talent Management at AbbVie, a Fortune 100 company. In this role, Sergey leads and supports an incredibly talented team of professionals who are responsible for the talent management portfolio.
Next Steps

How we will work with you

Co-creation is one of the key principles of the Headspring approach. We don’t assume we have the answers – instead, we work with our clients to create and deliver a solution that meets its main goals and objectives. As part of this process, the next steps will include:


The first step is to apply. We will evaluate your profile and application and will be in touch.


The Coaching Collective is starting in March 2021. That's when your journey starts.


During the collective you will be able to learn more about yourself as well as from others.


Transformation can be a painful and difficult process, but we will give you the tools you need to keep growing.

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