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Our events offer a global perspective on business trends and learning design to senior decision-makers. Join our selected community of thought leaders and take part in debates and workshops – face to face and online!

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Headspring Learning X-Change: Catch Up On Demand

Explore the Future of Corporate Learning

2020, a world-changing year

Accelerated digital transformation, workforce distribution, and acute leadership dilemmas have disrupted learning and development while making them more critical than ever. Learning leaders have discovered that upskilling is necessary but not sufficient to deal with multi-variant crises. They also need to increase individual and organisational capacities for growth through change.

But how?

Headspring Learning X-CHANGE brought together leading experts, practitioners and horizon-readers to share the latest intelligence and emerging insights in learning, development and adjacent fields.

Please join us for robust exploration of where corporate learning is, where we are going, and how we may get there.

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Headspring Talks: Leading Speakers, Leading Insights


Rana Foroohar on the Future of Work

“Being human is the only thing that cannot be commoditised”

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mo gawdat speech talk

Mo Gawdat at Headspring Talks on AI

Innovation can only be hindered by rules that stop people from being innovative.

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Santiago Iniguez on Power of People

The President of IE University delivered an inspirational talk at Headsprings conference on AI

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