Alumni Event 2018: Economic Trends for 2019

The political and economic events that are taking place during 2018 are marking the deviations that are taking place in the markets and are affecting the Spanish, European, American and Asian markets differently, producing opportunities where there were none.

Among the topics that D. Manuel Romera, Director of the financial sector of IE Business School, will present in this interactive session include:

What factors will condition the growth of the economy in the coming quarters?
How will it affect families, entrepreneurs and company managers?
Where are the economy and finances going?
In a moment of so much uncertainty and political risks, do we have to rely on common sense or grandiloquent messages?

Manuel Romera

Professor of Financial Management at IE Business School and member of FT’s global network of experts | IE Corporate Learning Alliance. Manuel Romera specializes in accounting analysis and business valuation, where he stands out for his deep knowledge in financial engineering. Regular contributor to the main European media, such as Financial Times, Private Banker, European Banker, Handesblatt, El País and Expansión, has published several research papers in specialized scientific journals. He has also chaired the Means of Payment Forum and given conferences in the SWIFT Association.