HR Talks Amsterdam: Leadership & Cultural transformation in the digital world

A breakfast discussion hosted by FT | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

Businesses worldwide have been transformed by the shift into a new digital era. Leaders increasingly understand the importance of adopting a culture of innovation and learning in order to survive and prosper – some even becoming standard-bearers for their industry.

Companies must be adaptable and agile in a volatile and unpredictable business environment. This means engaging their workforces, developing digital skills and technologies, and implementing practices that align with company strategy.

Jeevan Vasagar former Singapore and Malaysia correspondent at Financial Times moderated the session, joined by Professor Vanessa Wye, Executive Coach and FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance educator.

Topics covered in the session included:

  • Defining strategic leadership in the digital era;
  • Digital transformation and its effect on culture and leadership;
  • Shifting the HR mindset towards a meaningful change in the digital era;
  • Leadership traits and culture;
  • The effects of modern technology on leadership and its implementation;
  • Investing in organisational skills; and
  • How to develop digitally ready leaders.