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Have You Truly Transformed?

Digital transformation is no longer a choice. How leaders approach it, is.

With remote work being imposed to virtually all industries, we have seen organisations and teams adapting to a new reality and finding new ways of working and delivering their service. Whilst this has offered a sense of transformation across most organisation, the next significant threshold lies in truly embracing a customer-centric, digital-first culture.

Digital products and services which truly meet the needs of a truly digital consumer and business market means changing long-standing paradigms for some industries. People can’t be left to sink or swim. The programme contains paths and elements that are fully customisable, with emphasis given to areas of development pertinent to your organisation.

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Live Online

Participants are in control of their learning experience and can access live session or on demand.

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Hackathons and interactive sessions to bring concepts to life and encourage teamwork.

customisation customisable


The programme has a flexible design, which will ensure it is the right learning solution for your business.

Key Outcomes

Leadership Skills for a Digital World

Delivering deep and current insights into real business-relevant topics, supported by the knowledge and experience of our senior Financial Times journalists, will help your team stay abreast of technological, political or economic trends as they happen.

Broaden Digital Horizons

We provide a real external perspective – lifting the gaze of leaders above the day-to-day and growing real knowledge. We uncover the latest views on global and local matters: on markets, the economy and trends – opening minds to new and current information on a macro scale.

Lead Through Digital Change

The role of a leader to understand and navigate the factors affecting your business that are beyond your control. We share thought leadership and insight, utilising external references to how leaders can take a position to deliver growth and performance through disruptive times.

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Drive a New Digital Culture

With a shift towards the cloud, customer profiles change, sales cycles change, and so does the idea of what a good business looks like. How do we lead the change to operate as a truly client-focused organisation and make the steps towards a culture of customer-centricity?

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Module 1

1. Accelerating the Future

As we emerge from the lockdowns and reflect on the disruptions our businesses and economies, leaders are considering how to hit the ground running at full speed in an unstable environment.  This module focuses on the context of digital transformation and strategy in a post-Covid world

Live Sessions

COVID19 Implications;
Your Customer;
Your Industry;
Your Digital Strategy.

hackaton conference online

Interactive Lab

Participants will be invited to join the session “Back to the Future: How to return to a new normal”

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Module 2

2. Investing in Technology

Having a clear vision is the most important element of your digital strategy, but understanding where your investments in technology should go is a key step to enable staff to achieve your business goals.  This module aims to discuss technical integration of tools, operations and digital workflows.

Live Sessions

The Recovery Plan;
Intelligent investment;
Supply and demand chains;

hackaton conference online

Interactive Lab

Participants will be invited to join the session “Investments in Technology: Supply and Demand Chain”

investing in people technology
Module 3

3. Investing in People

You can improve productivity, customer experience and decision making by embracing digital transformation and change. But, it is your people that matters most. This session aims to explore the development of the human foundation for digital transformation.

Live Sessions

The techno-human balance;
From surviving to thriving;
Embracing digital change;
Beyond supply and demand;
Tech and human agency.

hackaton conference online

Interactive Lab

Participants will be invited to join the session “People and Technology: The Human Agency”, covering both people and tech.

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Module 4

4. Practical Progression

The final module of the programme is designed to help participants to apply their learning to the real world. They will have a chance to discuss how to adopt a digital-first mindset, whilst implementing perspectives into customer-centric solutions.

This module is split into two pathways. The first is focused on leadership skills and the second is focused on the practical application of digital concepts learned during the programme.

on demand client focused self paced

a) Exponential Growth

Your Business Reimagined;
Cyber Security & ML;
Roadmap for Growth.

customisation customisable

b) Digital Hackathon

Hands-on hackathon for participants to apply learning and deliver an actionable digital project

Our Philosophy

Make it Unique to Your Business

Delivering deep and current insights into real business-relevant topics, we will help your team stay abreast of technological, political or economic trends as they happen.


Fully Online. Live or On-Demand

A high-impact leadership programme created to meet the demands of the world we live in. Fully online.


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Learn from some of the world's most influential and well-connected Financial Times journalists.

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Next Steps

How we will work with you

Co-creation is one of the key principles of the Headspring approach. We don’t assume we have the answers – instead, we work with our clients to create and deliver a solution that meets its main goals and objectives. As part of this process, the next steps will include:


The first step is to connect with our corporate partnerships team. We will diagnose your needs and set a clear goal for your programme.


The second and most important step is to design a programme that meets you business objectives and strategy in the short and long terms.

Bring to life

The third step is when we bring your programme to life. Our team will be ready to ensure the plan is followed through and that objectives are met.

Measure impact

After the programme, we will continue working with you to help you measure the results and the impact in your business.

Ready for the next step? We are.

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