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The Purpose-Led Business Revolution

The world of business is facing its biggest shift since the industrial revolution. ​

Businesses need to navigate not just new technology, emerging consumer trends, environmental changes and political instability, but also a switch the purpose of the business itself – a purpose no longer serving just profit for shareholders, but a purpose that is beneficial for all stakeholders. ​

​At a minimum, this means a big change for most businesses. It means total disruption for others.​

​We are the business transformation partner of choice for global organisations facing disruptive change. Our approach is people-centric, with an emphasis on leadership skills. We enable our clients to transform their business by developing leaders, empowering people and inspiring a lifelong-learning mindset.

How we help our clients

Understanding the Impact of ESG

Every business is different. Every business feels the impact of change differently.

Our sustainable business programmes are fully customised and focused on tangible business results. We partner with clients to diagnose challenges and co-create unique learning programmes, combining the foresight of some of the most influential FT journalists with the expertise of world-leading business school professors. We design to inspire people to lead and thrive.  ​

The climate crisis has a direct impact on consumer behaviour and business trends. Our corporate programmes on sustainability are designed to help leaders understand and face these trends so they can seize opportunities and achieve growth.


New trends in consumer behaviour

Is your business prepared for cultural shift led by people's purchase decisions?

Activist investors and new regulation

Shareholders are still extremely powerful and your business need to meet their expectations.

Employee relations, recruitment and retention

Alignment of values is now key for high potential candidates and employees.

Social media culture and reputation

How to react to user-generated content which can quickly spread and impact your reputation?
Key Insights on ESG

Inspiration for change

buildings trees

ESG: Culture Shift or Passing Fad?

ESG issues have become increasingly prominent. Is this an authentic attempt to pivot away from purely profit-driven motives or is it all an elaborate display of the latest corporate fad?

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partnership business collaboration

Podcast: ESG and Corporate Scandals

Companies are not inherently "good" or "bad", but are rather defined by how they respond to the critical dilemmas in environmental, social and governance domains.

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learning technology

Cognitive diversity and business innovation

Being cognitively differentiated means that you can generate ideas, solve problems, assess in a variety of ways, and that is overall linked with better analysis, decision and execution.

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Understanding the Impact of ESG

Managing your People

Employee relations, retention and recruitment have evolved. If in the past they used to be considered simply a human resources concern, they are now strategic issues. The race to find, integrate and keep the best talent is part of the growth strategy of any organisation.

The impact of ESG on the millennial and Gen Z workforce is clear: they don’t simply care about salary and benefit – an alignment of values is increasingly becoming a decision-making factor for high potential candidates.

While businesses are forced to adapt to attract a new generation, they also need to take in consideration the existing workforce and how to maintain stability. Striking that balance is a key challenge.

Our learning solutions are designed to help leaders and senior teams to define and drive a business purpose that doesn’t just serve shareholders, but also employees and other stakeholders.

data analysis program
Understanding the Impact of ESG

Managing your Data

Data analytics have enabled businesses to identify hidden patterns in consumer behaviour and ultimately benefit from a deeper understanding of their market and customer needs.

However, access to data-rich ecosystems – combined with the pressure to deliver business results – often put executives and decision-makers into ethical dilemmas. Despite increased regulatory enforcement, data misuse is still a major issue and cause of distrust in business.

According to the European Data Protection Board, in the first 18 months from the launch of the GDPR, over 89,000 data breach notifications have been reported to national data protection authorities.

We can help businesses address key ethical dilemmas, focusing on what business leaders can do to ensure they are not falling in the most common pitfalls.

Understanding the Impact of ESG

Managing your Business

Organizations globally have signed up to ESG commitments, but are they acting? Investments in fossil fuels are still increasing, suggesting that those corporate commitments are not being reflected on financial and commercial strategies.

As commercial departments have targets to meet, it is often hard for decision-makers to move away from a big deal despite those commitments to ESG goals. So how can the people who are responsible for driving growth and managing balance sheets be emboldened to take those tough decisions?

We can help decision-makers identify the big questions they should be asking and align their financial and growth strategies to a purpose-driven perspective.

Understanding the Impact of ESG

Managing your Brand

The game has changed for communications teams. With the rise of the ESG agenda, businesses are facing scrutiny in a whole new range of areas including diversity, supply chain and ethical data management.

With the rise of the name-and-shame culture on social media, businesses also need to be alert to user-generated content which can quickly spread  with a serious impact to the company’s reputation.

Working with leading Financial Times journalists, we understand how corporate scandals can happen and – above all – how they can be avoided.

We help senior teams drive awareness about those risks. Our learning solutions create an open debate and exchange of ideas, bringing specific actions and key initiates that can help reputation managers to stay ahead of the curve.


A Learning Partner for Business Transformation

Our clients require a learning partner that moves at the same pace of the change they face, helping them mitigate the risks associated with it.  ​

​We are the best-placed learning partner to help clients embrace change, define a new purpose, navigate complex landscapes and drive behaviour change. ​


business external context

The Context

to understand complexities and find a new path
leadership tools

The Tools

to act upon new learnings and implement change
business impact learning

The Impact

to create a new culture and inspire people to embrace it
learning mindset

The Learning State-of-Mind

to change mindsets and respond faster.
Sustainability Programmes

Turning Learning Design into Business Impact

Every single leadership development programme we create is unique.  Yet, each one of them is created based on fundamental principles which underpin our learning designs.

custom program design

Custom Programme Design

We believe executive education is a craft, not a commodity. With each new client, we develop an entirely fresh approach. Together, we ensure your learning journeys meet strategic goals and create value.

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journalistic approach ft executive education

Journalistic Approach

Our work starts with understanding, empathizing with, and challenging your assumptions, vision and objectives. For each client, we build a team of learning, impact and customer experience experts - supported by top professors and FT journalists.

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business impact of learning programmes

Measurable Business Impact

To achieve real value-creation, our collaboration continues during and after the programme as we work with you to ensure that learning outcomes are preserved in your business.

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Our Expertise

Thought-Provoking Insights

leading with integrity

Insights: Leading with Integrity

This selection of articles from Headspring’s writers and thought leaders highlights diverse but vital aspects of leadership and integrity from the individual, team and organisational perspectives.

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virtual reality

Research: AI on the Horizon

A major report produced by Headspring in partnership with YouGov on how professionals in Europe and Middle East understand the impact of the imminent age of Artificial Intelligence on their careers.

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Report: Leading through Political Turmoil

Report: Leading through Political Turmoil

Today’s leaders must understand where threats come from, how likely they are to occur, what impact they will have on your company, and how to prepare and respond. We offer a way forward.

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