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How to create a more humane workplace

Andy Lopata - Author, Professional Speaker & Professional Relationships Strategist

Andy Lopata
Author, Professional Speaker, Professional Relationships Strategist

We need to create a culture of support and partnership. A humane workplace starts with the acceptance that nobody is perfect and that everyone is working towards the same goal. Put in place policies that encourage collaboration over competition. Make it OK to say 'I don't know' and to ask for help, people will be happier going to work and inefficiency will be substantially cut down.

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Kriti Jain, Expert on Leadership Decision Making, Diversity & Inclusion, Organizational Change

Kriti Jain
Leadership Decision Making Expert, D&I, Organizational Change

It recent times, compassionate management has come to center-stage discussions. However, many leaders I work with feel that compassionate management means they must also accept a certain level of mediocrity. Not really. Leaders can cultivate an organizational culture that celebrates both excellence and empathy together. The key is cultivating Purpose. Empathy + Purpose = Thriving.

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Flooris Van Der Walt
Author, Executive, Mindset Transformational Coach

A more humane workplace is a given when the leaders want to connect with their people and listen to them. “When I am seen and heard I am acknowledged as a human being with a mind and opinion”. Then the workplace is made up of humans who are engaged.

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Matt Marsh, Business Breakthrough Specialist. Consultant, Coach, Author & Visiting Professor

Matt Marsh
Business Breakthrough Specialist, Consultant, Coach, Author, Visiting Professor

Ensure that people can bring their whole selves into the workplace. Without exception. No one should feel that being at work means they have to compromise their beliefs, needs, or ethics.

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Mark Fritz - Leadership expert, mentor and keynote speaker.

Mark Fritz
Leadership Expert, Mentor, Keynote Speaker

The complexity and pace of our daily lives is impacting all organisations. Humanity is about giving the people you are engaging with, your 100% attention. Listening is the key to not just selling, but to engaging your people too. How do you feel when someone doesn’t listen to you? Probably not good. Listening values others and this is the key to bringing more humanity into everyone’s working lives. Learn NIFO: Nose In (asking questions and listening) and Fingers Out (sharing stories & examples). Your company’s effectiveness and the humanity in everyone’s working lives are driven by the quality of your conversations.

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