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How to develop a purposeful goal for your business


Flooris Van Der Walt
Author, Executive, Mindset Transformational Coach

All businesses have a higher purpose than just making profits (except if it is a scam), though a lot of leaders do not give themselves the time to think about such a purpose. This is a process to find out why people are working for your business and what they see the purpose of their contributions are. By again connecting and listening, you will be able to define the purpose of your business.

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Matt Marsh, Business Breakthrough Specialist. Consultant, Coach, Author & Visiting Professor

Matt Marsh
Business Breakthrough Specialist, Consultant, Coach, Author, Visiting Professor

Letting go of the idea that it's all about you! It's not. It's about creating a sustainable and meaningful future for your colleagues, customers, partners - and the planet too.

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Paul Hunter, Strategic Management Institute Managing Director

Paul Hunter
Managing Director of the Strategic Management Institute

The primary driver of organisational goals is the optimisation of shareholder and stakeholder value. Shareholders' goals represent the key criteria for financial survival. Stakeholder goals are representative of the organisations social and environmental policies and procedures. They represent the key criteria for a sustainable future and influence financial outcomes. They are derived from the hearts, minds, and consciousness of the shareholders and leaders.

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