Alumni event Madrid: Transform to transform the world of business

An exclusive session in Madrid for customers and former students of Headspring.

Diversity is dynamic

In an environment of change and transformation from the analog to the digital world, from interpersonal communication to digital connection, the pending issue is the change of attitude of all those who integrate the world of business, companies and organizations.

Transforming an environment is transforming the individual, and this is the authentic agent of change. The manager has to transform to get the transformation of the team, training the muscle of the transformation involves transforming to train others.

Basic requirements for this objective are the strategic capacity from the analytical and the trust in all its aspects from the emotional. We will develop the aspect of self-confidence to compensate for the uncertainty and the aspect of trust transmitted to the teams to reach the goal from the pride shared by the effort made.

Trust asset management has a method and therefore obstacles and levers that we will discover together.

We will try to answer some of these questions

  • What are the keys to trust?
  • Can you learn and transmit?
  • Can we manage the obstacles to trust as levers for transformation?
  • Is trust an attitude or an aptitude?
  • Is trust the starting point or the goal to achieve?

These and other key issues for HR and L & D leaders will be explored with the help of Pilar Sánchez Prieto, professor at IE Business School and Headspring educator.