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Earth Day 2021: Exploring the Role of Business in Building a Sustainable World

As the world turns to climate action, we explore the mains topics, trends and issues that are relevant to businesses globally.

Building a Sustainable Future

The world turns to climate action. What is your role?

As nations and governments set a path for the post-pandemic economic recovery, environmental and wider ESG related concerns are becoming increasingly high in the agenda of both developed and emerging markets.

Businesses are increasingly expected to develop their own path towards carbon neutrality. That, of course, has a major impact on people, processes, and profitability. There are, however, two ways executives can look at this: they can see it as a challenge that needs to be navigated, or they can embrace it as an opportunity that can be seized.

This year, Earth Day becomes even more relevant as 40 world leaders come together to underscore the urgency and benefits of strong climate action during the US-led Leaders Summit on Climate.

To mark the date, we selected some of our most insightful content as well as a compilation of feature reports from the Financial Times and reflections from IE Business School professors so you can be better prepared to have conversations about the role your business can take in shaping a more sustainable planet.

At Headspring, we believe every business have the potential to make the world a better place. Working with and through people, we can empower leaders to make responsible decisions, and achieve better outcomes for ours as well as future generations.

Featured Report

Sustainable Leadership Report

As well as mastering strategy and finance, business leaders need to demonstrate they can do the right thing. Understanding how to drive purpose and embracing an agenda of sustainability is key.

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Financial Times Content

Trends, insights and analysis from the FT

A closer look at the issues making waves in the global markets. Insights from the FT into topics from climate change to clean energy to the businesses helping to build a sustainable future.

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(Video) Race to COP26: What does success in Glasgow look like?

Gain insights from climate ministers from different countries as they discuss how they are setting out a path to net-zero emissions with FT's Leslie Hook.

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(Video) Could the pandemic lead to a fairer economy?

Martin Sandbu, the FT’s European Economics Commentator, explains how the pandemic could help us to build a fairer economy.

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Cracking the plastic crisis?

Only 9% of the plastic used around the world is recycled, the rest is buried, burned, sent abroad or lost to pollute land and sea.

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(Video) Better batteries: the hunt for an energy storage solution

If renewable energy is going to provide a steady source of energy to power grids, we need to find ways of storing it.

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Companies must include environmental and social performance measures

Harvard Business School explores the lessons from companies that already use impact-weighted accounts

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Does a sustainability leader add value at board level?

Although the role has been criticised as a form of greenwashing, CSOs are now commonplace

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Greta Thunberg urges MEPs to show climate leadership
FT Interview

Greta Thunberg: ‘It just spiralled out of control’

Three years after bursting on to the global stage, what’s next for the most famous climate activist of her generation?

© European Parliament/Creative Commons

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IE Business School Insights

Expert Roundup: the Environment

Read the analysis of IE University’s professors on how tackling climate change represents not just a pressing problem but also an opportunity for innovation, research, and disruptive change.


FT Interview

Bill Gates on Climate Change

Hear what Bill Gates had to say on climate change when he spoke with the Financial Times Editor Roula Khalaf, during the virtual Climate Capital Live Summit.

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Organisational Development Insights

One future. Multiple Paths

From articles to webinars and podcasts, we compiled a collection of some of our best insights exploring the role organisations can play in actively supporting a sustainable business.

(Webinar) From Shareholders to Stakeholders: How Capitalism is Evolving

How can leaders adapt their businesses to today's society? Join us for a conversation with Adam Kingl to answer this and other questions.

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Why purpose-driven business makes financial sense

Today’s corporations are experiencing a tidal shift of change. The current pandemic has further accelerated a review of both systems and mindsets.

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(Webinar) Paving a New Way for Capitalism

An insightful debate between FT Management Editor Andrew Hill, Harvard Economist Rebecca Henderson, and IE's Teresa Martin Retortillo

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ESG – culture shift or passing fad?

Is this an authentic attempt to pivot away from purely profit-driven motives or an elaborate display of lip service to the latest corporate fad?

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Through the glass view of businessman talking to colleagues in conference room meeting

(Podcast) ESG, CEOs and Corporate Scandal

Ethical and sustainable corporations are not just about flowery ideologies - it's basic good business.

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purpose and profit

(Podcast) Delivering Purpose and Profit

Learn how great leaders can create the businesses of the future without financial or social and environmental sacrifices.

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How we help our clients

Understanding the Impact of ESG

Every business is different. Every business feels the impact of change differently.

The climate crisis has a direct impact on consumer behaviour and business trends. Our corporate programmes on sustainability are designed to help leaders understand and face these trends so they can seize opportunities and achieve growth.


New trends in consumer behaviour

Is your business prepared for cultural shift led by people's purchase decisions?

Activist investors and new regulation

Shareholders are still extremely powerful and your business need to meet their expectations.

Employee relations, recruitment and retention

Alignment of values is now key for high potential candidates and employees.

Social media culture and reputation

How to react to user-generated content which can quickly spread and impact your reputation?
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Customisable Executive Learning Solution

Sustainable Growth Program: For Leaders and Decision Makers

Headspring’s online Sustainable Growth program helps corporate leaders understand the fast-changing environmental, social and governance (ESG) context in which they operate. It guides participants in how to design and implement practical and responsible strategies for sustainable development that maximise the benefit for the company and wider society.

customisation customisable


The program has a flexible design, which will ensure it is the right learning solution for your business.

on demand client focused self paced

Live and On Demand

Participants are in control of their learning experience and can access live sessions or on-demand.


Through group work, participants apply their skills to solve specific challenges faced by your business.


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– Carl Sagan, astronomer

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