Bespoke Learning at Scale


Discover how we design bespoke programmes that can be personalised to the unique needs of every level in your organisation. Engage your workforce and accelerate transformation, at scale.

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Company-wide learning

Engage your Workforce & Upskill Teams Company-wide

In an environment of constant change, creating a truly dynamic learning culture remains a challenge for most organisations.

With a customisation methodology, we design and deliver learning solutions that can extend to your entire workforce, delivering bespoke and personalised learning at scale. We bring the best technology to help you engage your workforce, drive alignment and upskill teams at the speed and reach that you require.

How we can help

Develop every level of your organisation with strategic learning

Transform your business from within: create meaningful and curated learning experiences for large teams. Deliver programmes at the speed and scale you need.

Drive company-wide transformation

Enable your business to navigate the complexity of the modern world and create long-term results in ever-changing times.

Break siloes and foster collaboration

Leverage diverse perspectives, cross-functional communication, improve decision-making, and drive innovation for your business.

Ensure strategic alignment

Design a large scale custom programme to ensure that all levels of your organization are working towards achieving long-term objectives.

Build an inclusive learning culture

Foster diversity and inclusion, empowers your employees to acquire new skills, share knowledge, and embrace lifelong learning.

Provide teams with an outside-in perspective

Avoid internal biases, identify new opportunities, and allow your teams to make better informed decisions that lead to customer-centric strategies.

Drive more impact from learning initiatives

Align learning goals with strategic objectives, enhance employee performance, improve productivity, and ultimately achieve cost efficiency for sustainable success.

Accelerate change in your business

Enable your businesses to maintain competitiveness, drive growth, and ensure long-term viability in today's dynamic business landscape.

Keep your workforce engaged

Ensure that all your business reaps the benefit of tailored learning journeys. Run strategically-aligned programmes across your entire organisation.

Our approach

Co-design and co-creation: you, in the driving seat

In partnership with you, we co-create bespoke learning journeys from a range of adaptable building blocks, helping you tackle your most complex L&D challenges. Our EPIC Learning Series are available anytime, fitting into every employee’s unique schedule and preferences combining different learning elements and methodologies.


Relevant and useful e-learning material with the objective of transmitting knowledge through different formats so that it can permeate the entire organization.


Our Learning Series are available anytime, fitting into every employee’s unique schedule and preferences.


Taught by world-class educators and adapted to client needs. Participants will reflect on the knowledge acquired and understand how the learning can be related to their organization and work.​

Meeting identify performance gaps


Cumulative feedback and resolution of the practical exercises proposed, culminating in a video or live session where participants integrate the knowledge gained throughout the Learning Series.​

Why Headspring

Financial Times & IE: Credibility for Leaders

Headspring is the strategic L&D partner for businesses in transformation.

As the joint-venture of Financial Times and IE Business School, we blend journalistic acuity with academic innovation. We have the Financial Times’ seasoned journalists who decipher tomorrow’s trends today, coupled with IE’s world-class faculty who transform these insights into pragmatic leadership skills.

This potent mix means we’re not just responding to the business landscape, but architecting its future.

That’s Headspring: educating with purpose and impact, preparing leaders to pioneer.

How we work
The learner experience

Setting a new bar in corporate education

We have researched and published studies on how people learn. We use immersive learning techniques and pioneering technology to make learning a vivid, personalised, and memorable experience for you. Our focus is not just on the tools but also on how they enhance learning outcomes and inspire a culture of continuous learning.

Social learning

Unlock the power of collaboration, share experiences, foster engagement and critical thinking, create growth with online communities.


Experience seamless learning across all your devices. Our platform ensures accessibility and convenience.

Anywhere anytime

Give your teams the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere. Upskill your teams when they best fit within their schedule.


Tailor made learning journeys adapted to the unique needs, interests, and learning style of each learner for maximum engagement and growth.


The best of both. Our solution offers a flexible and interactive approach to learning, focusing on engagement and collaboration.

Why are we different?

Our methodology but at scale

A revolutionary approach to enterprise learning. Where we combine your business strategy with our outside-in perspective to co-create a unique, modular learning solution. It can be adapted to the needs of each participant across every level of your business. We’re not your typical learning platform as we provide a high-impact, tailor-made, and flexible solution for your business.

Design Methodology

Our work starts with a genuine desire to understand the global context surrounding your business. An inquisitive mindset – combined with real business experience and solid academic methodology – underpins everything we do.

Total Customisation

Our work starts with a genuine desire to understand the global context surrounding your business. An inquisitive mindset – combined with real business experience and solid academic methodology – underpins everything we do.

Financial Times

The FT journalists that deliver our programmes offer not only a unique perspective on the events that shape the world of business, but also bring an approach and onside-in perspective that shapes the way we work with our clients.

IE Business School

From its foundation, IE Business School has made it their business to disrupt. With their world-renowned MBA and culture of innovation, IE brings an entrepreneurial mindset that gives our programmes a sharper edge and greater impact.

Customer Experience

We strive to be flexible andresponsive. Our people embody our global approach.We build multidisciplinary teams around our clients andvalue the diversity of thinking that these teams bring.

World Class Faculty

We work with over 500 practitioners, coaches, consultants, journalists, and academics who have global, and local knowledge. 80% of our academics are from the top 20 globally ranked universities.