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Leadership Development Programmes

Leading with Purpose

Every leader and every business is made differently — and so are our leadership programmes.

From negotiation and mediation to communication and management, we create programmes that help developing leadership skills that your teams need to take your business to the next level.

With unbeatable insights from FT journalists who daily are at the forefront of change, and our world-class professors from top institutions, we develop leaders and senior teams to lead and thrive, through and beyond, this shift of capitalism.


Leadership Qualities & Traits

How We Assess What Leaders Need

The role of leaders, and leadership goals is being completely reshaped. While setting a clear business vision is essential, it is no longer enough. In order to be successful, leaders need to present a series of desirable qualities which must underpin their behaviour. We include each of these leadership traits in our leadership development programmes, according to the needs of our clients:

clarity of purpose programmes direction

Clarity of Purpose

Leaders must know where they want to take the business. They must display the ability and confidence to chart a course over the short, medium and long term for the business.
resilience and integrity - business

Resilience & Integrity

Leading a company is primarily about getting things done in the right way. No business can survive in the modern environment without a firm sense of integrity.
decision making skills

Decision Making

Corporate growth doesn’t happen thanks to high energy levels alone; a company’s trajectory is a function of key decisions that are taken.
empathy leadership


A predisposition to be curious about those around you is a vital and commonly misunderstood attribute of a leader. Interest in others underpins almost every aspect of people management and team development.
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The Methodology

A Framework and Training for Future-Ready Leaders

Facing the seismic shifts that impact the nature of business requires a solid foundation. Headspring has worked with the brightest minds to develop a future-proof leadership assessment framework that helps you have a clear sense of your leadership development needs.

Our thinking builds upon decades of executive training experience and draws on extensive academic research including ideas around adaptive, situational, and transformational leadership.

The purpose of the Headspring leadership diagnostic tool is to help senior executives and L&D professionals ask the right questions about their leadership strengths and needs, and therefore how to design the most effective learning programmes.

Learning Innovation & Impact

Turning Learning Design into Business Impact

Every single leadership development programmes we create is unique.  Yet, each one of them is created based on fundamental principles which underpin our learning designs.

custom program design

Custom Programmes Design

We believe executive education is a craft, not a commodity. With each new client, we develop an entirely fresh approach. Together, we ensure your learning journeys meet strategic goals and create value.

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journalistic approach ft executive education

Journalistic Approach

Our work starts with understanding, empathizing with, and challenging your assumptions, vision and objectives. For each client, we build a team of learning, impact and customer experience experts - supported by top professors and FT journalists.

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business impact of learning programmes

Measurable Business Impact

To achieve real value-creation, our collaboration continues during and after the programmes as we work with you to ensure that learning outcomes are preserved in your business.

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Our Expertise

Thought-Provoking Insights

leading with integrity

Insights: Leading with Integrity

This selection of articles from Headspring’s writers and thought leaders highlights diverse but vital aspects of leadership and integrity from the individual, team and organisational perspectives.

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virtual reality

Research: AI in the Horizon

A major report produced by Headspring in partnership with YouGov on how professionals in Europe and Middle East understand the impact of the imminent age of Artificial Intelligence on their careers.

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Report: Leading through Political Turmoil

Leading through Political Turmoil

Today’s leaders must understand where threats come from, how likely they are to occur, what impact they will have on your company, and how to prepare and respond. We offer a way forward.

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Our insights & analysis

Our best insights on leadership

buildings trees

Opinion: How businesses can earn society’s trust

Companies shouldn’t lose perspective of the enormous benefits they provide consumers and citizens worldwide as a result of an unrelenting commitment to good management and long-term strategy.

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Why we need inclusive leadership

Insight: The power of corporate storytelling

Talk to the board about storytelling and you might get some odd looks. But storytelling is no longer the domain just of filmmakers and novelists. Businesses are harnessing its power to drive growth

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leading with integrity

Podcast: Why we need inclusive leadership

What will the role be of inclusive leadership as we move further into a globalised future? What does this mean for organisations and those responsible for fostering positive human and organizational development?

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