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What are the five leadership skills?

Jeff Gothelf - Coach, Speaker, Author & Consultant

Jeff Gothelf
Coach, Speaker & Author: Agility, Digital Transformation, Product Management & HCD

Relevancy - aware of current social, political, technological, and consumer trends

Humility - the ability to admit your opinion was wrong in the face of contradictory evidence

Enthusiastic skepticism - the belief that, no matter how good or smart we are as a company, there is likely a way to get better, smarter, faster

Respect for diversity and inclusion so as to create broad psychological safety in the workplace

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Erik Hiep
Managing Director (The Next Level), Author, Associate Professor at IE Business School

Leadership training is a must. An organisation gets better as each individual member gets better. Developing leaders from within the organisation is, therefore, a priority for driving change. Leadership development should be an integral part of the business strategy. Based on years of experience working with leadership teams, I see five consistent leadership competencies critical for driving change and building a winning culture:

1) Achiever: High-energy and laser-focused.
2) Change Agent: Has an inspiring vision for the way forward.
3) Professional: Fully understands the business.
4) Communicator: Engages, educates, and empowers audiences.
5) Team Player: Trust others and is trustworthy.

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Flooris Van Der Walt
Author, Executive, Mindset Transformational Coach

From my perspective, the leader first has to be able to connect, then listen, and then act accordingly. The other two are to motivate and develop others.

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