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What is authentic leadership?

Jeff Gothelf - Coach, Speaker, Author & Consultant

Jeff Gothelf
Coach, Speaker & Author: Agility, Digital Transformation, Product Management & HCD

Leaders who can be their whole selves in front of their staff are authentic. This is just as much about sharing personal insights from their own lives as much as it is about revealing candidly what they know, what they don’t know, and what they’re doing to get smarter about issues.

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Flooris Van Der Walt
Author, Executive, Mindset Transformational Coach

For me, authentic leadership is someone who knows her/himself well in terms of what is happening in the mind, emotions, and behavior and then decides what about her/him s/he wants to share with others. This awareness of what is happening inside yourself and use yourself as a reference is what creates the alignment between what is said, felt, and done in the person and then conveys the authenticity.

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Matt Marsh, Business Breakthrough Specialist. Consultant, Coach, Author & Visiting Professor

Matt Marsh
Business Breakthrough Specialist, Consultant, Coach, Author, Visiting Professor

To know what is of interest to people; what their hopes, dreams, needs, motivations, and problems are. In short, the capability to empathise with colleagues and customers.

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