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What are the qualities of a good leader?


Flooris Van der Walt
Author, Executive, Mindset Transformational Coach

A good leader listens to others, not just to allow alternative views, but to grow her/his understanding through comparing her/his perception with those of the followers and non-followers. This openness requires inner security in the leader, which makes the leader a good leader.

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Erik Hiep
Managing Director (The Next Level), Author, Associate Professor at IE Business School

Winning is about having three unique leadership qualities:
1. Being decisive: the early bird catches the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese
2. Being resourceful instead of focusing on the lack of resources
3. Being influential and develop this capacity to woo over others

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Kriti Jain, Expert on Leadership Decision Making, Diversity & Inclusion, Organizational Change

Kriti Jain
Leadership Decision Making, D&I, Organizational Change

Good leaders have surgeon-like agility in their mindset. Surgeons are compassionate and empathetic to the patients, democratic while discussing the case with the team during the planning stage, and are authoritarian in the operating theatre. Many of them even have a spiritual and philosophical bent of mind – and that is required when it comes to leading one’s own life after having seen several miraculous recoveries and unexpected deaths. This agility is essential for business and political leaders in the VUCA world.

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Matt Marsh, Business Breakthrough Specialist. Consultant, Coach, Author & Visiting Professor

Matt Marsh
Business Breakthrough Specialist, Consultant, Coach, Author, Visiting Professor

Listening skills, ability to defer judgement, and a willingness to delegate - whilst maintaining the confidence to say that you don't know all the answers yet.

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