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What role does a change of mindset play in digital transformation?


Flooris Van der Walt
Author, Executive, Mindset Transformational Coach

Digital - or any transformation requires a sign of courage to deal with the unknown and to have inner security to keep yourself intact while the environment is changing around you. Without this anchor inside yourself, you will be thrown around by the storms of change and will be able to lead yourself, neither others.

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Matthias Seifert, Professor of Decision Sciences IE Business School

Matthias Seifert
Professor of Decision Sciences at IE Business School

Living in a complex, uncertain world requires us to know when and how to use data-driven algorithms that can support managerial judgment. Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of our own judgmental capability relative to the various analytics tools that we have at our disposal and knowing how to aggregate them effectively - that is going to be a hugely important managerial skill.

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Jeff Gothelf - Coach, Speaker, Author & Consultant

Jeff Gothelf
Coach, Speaker & Author: Agility, Digital Transformation, Product Management & HCD

A change of mindset can only come after a change of behavior. Teams and leaders must “act their way” to a new way of thinking. This means trying out and experimenting with new ways of working, incentive structures, and organizational designs that then drive the mindset shifts needed to increase empathy for customers and organizational agility.

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Mark Fritz - Leadership expert, mentor and keynote speaker.

Mark Fritz
Leadership Expert, Mentor, Keynote Speaker

Digital transformation changes everything. It changes where and how you add value to your customers, where the work is done to add that value, and what part of the value chain is where you make your money. Unless you drive a mindset change in your people, they will never see the opportunities in these changes, and only see the problems in what they are doing today. You and everyone are driven by your sub-conscious mind, and that is where your mindset is (your dominant thoughts). Also, it’s your dominant thoughts that drive the actions you take. When your people have the right mindset (dominant thoughts), they begin to see opportunities in the transformation that were always there, but they never saw them until they changed their mindset.

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Matt Marsh, Business Breakthrough Specialist. Consultant, Coach, Author & Visiting Professor

Matt Marsh
Business Breakthrough Specialist, Consultant, Coach, Author, Visiting Professor

When it comes to digital transformation and change, the most necessary mindset is to understand that it's never over. Harsh perhaps, but true none the less.

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Paul Hunter, Strategic Management Institute Managing Director

Paul Hunter
Managing Director of the Strategic Management Institute

A substantive change in mindset will eliminate the many adverse effects of bias, tradition and entrenched cultural behaviours that are natural inhibitors to progress. At the same time, the newfound freedom will unleash creative, innovative and dynamic thinking.

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