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How to make the next big strategic move? We created a selection of content for your C-Suite to exploring some of these questions. We are here to provide you with unique strategic value.

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organisational development

Organisational Development: Through and Beyond a Crisis

How to build upon the lessons and learnings from the largest virtual work experiment?

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business man decision maker

Leadership Skills Series: Decision Making

Learn techniques and different decision-making criteria, depending on the context of the decision you have to make.

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female leader

Self-Development & Transformation: Leading Yourself and Your Business

Learn techniques to take ownership of your self-development, so you can transform your business.

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leading with integrity

Paving a New Way for Capitalism

A debate between Financial Times Management Editor Andrew Hill, Harvard University's Economist Rebecca Henderson, and Teresa Martin Retortillo, Executive President at IE Exponential Learning.

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ie headspring virtual summit

Growth and Recovery Beyond Covid-19

An insightful debate with three leading Financial Times journalists: Deputy Opinion Editor Miranda Green, Global Economy Reporter Claire Jones, and Associate Editor Michael Skapinker

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ESG webinar

Sustainable Business: The ESG Agenda

The coronavirus crisis has undeniably shifted perspectives about businesses, governments and their social role. Does the current crisis make ESG less relevant or more important than ever?

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Dialogues and Insights

Every week we challenge established patterns of thinking, inviting the audience to reassess what, how and why they learn. Learning REWIRED is where leaders discover the trends, thinkers, and insights shaping the future of learning organisations.

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Learning podcasts

Take a deep dive with handpicked podcasts

ESG, CEOs and corporate scandal, with José Hernandez

Companies are not inherently "good" or "bad", but are rather defined by how they respond to the critical dilemmas

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Diversity Targets and Inclusive Leadership, with Binna Kandola

What will the role be of inclusive leadership as we move further into a globalised future?

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Emotional Intelligence and Empathy Skills, with Simon Ashton

The new industrial revolution is defined by the need to learn and learn and relearn without inflexibility and attachment.

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FT Special Reports

Rethinking Sustainability

FT Rethink Sustainability is a Financial Times video series on the spread of sustainable practises into urban systems, food systems, financial systems and supply chains. It invites you to rethink how you see the world and explores the unprecedented investment opportunities.

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Thought Leadership Videos

Headspring Talks: Leading Speakers, Leading Insights


Rana Foroohar on the Future of Work

“Technology is becoming cheaper. Being human is the only thing that cannot be commoditised”

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mo gawdat speech talk

Mo Gawdat on Artificial Intelligence and Purpose

"Innovation can only be hindered by rules that stop people from being innovative."

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Santiago Iniguez on The Power of People

The IE University President talks on lifelong learning, executive education and the power of teams

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Headspring Insight

How CEOs can avoid corporate scandals

Despite the growth in complexity of the economic ecosystem, companies remain under pressure to compete; individuals within those organisations are still required to deliver results. Under such conditions, operating with integrity is key.

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