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Explore our virtual learning journeys and discover how Headspring can equip your leaders with the tools you need to empower your people and transform your business.

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transformative conversations

Conversation as a Transformation Tool

Learn how leaders can manage and develop people through high-impact conversations, that lead to transformative results.

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Self-Development & Transformation: Leading Yourself and Your Business

Learn techniques to take ownership of your self-development, so you can transform your business.

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Positive Leadership: Developing a Winning Mindset

Learn how you can boost your performance by developing a new positive leadership mindset.

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Innodiversity: Boosting Diversity & Innovation for Growth

What kind of diversity brings the best results? Are the innovation initiatives within your organisation linked to the efforts to maintain a diverse working environment?

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Leadership in Turbulent Times: Creating Psychological Safety

From dealing with global pandemics, to the impact of AI and political risk, leaders need to be confident and realistic about the challenges they face and the attributes they need.

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Beyond Covid-19: Leadership Skills for the 'New Normal'

The business ecosystem has been shifted dramatically. The 'new normal' will be different, but with no fewer possibilities and uncertainties that leaders will have to learn to navigate.

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Dialogues and Insights

Every week we challenge established patterns of thinking, inviting the audience to reassess what, how and why they learn. Learning REWIRED is where leaders discover the trends, thinkers, and insights shaping the future of learning organisations.

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virtual reality

Delivering Digital Transformation, with Alan Brown

What makes the current shifts in digital transformation a genuine revolution unlike anything we have seen before. Why HR and L&D roles are critical to successful digital transformation.

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Mastering the skill of being adaptable, with Jim Lawless

What do we as individuals need to navigate turbulent times? What skills do leaders need to keep organisations relevant and successful in the 21st century?

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Emotional Intelligence and Empathy Skills, with Simon Ashton

The new industrial revolution is defined by the need to learn and learn and relearn without inflexibility and attachment.

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FT Special Reports

Boldness in Business

In this volatile and unpredictable environment, the need for business to be bold has never been greater. Learn how leading organisations have made imaginative decisions in challenging circumstances, and also shown that boldness can be as simple as finding novel answers to everyday needs.

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Short Courses

Further your Knowledge with IE Business School Content

custom learning solutions

Short Course: Critical Perspectives on Management

Reflect about management culture. Understand the concepts behind leadership, decision making. Learn techniques on how to set priorities and benchmark success and failure.

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Data weddings not data wars

Short Course: Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age

What does a digital world mean for you, personally? Will you be ready for an automated, Artificial Intelligence-assisted, big-data-driven employment future?

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Learn Something New: Your Voice and Your Personal Brand

Your voice is your calling card and a major part of your personal brand. The right tone of voice is just as important as your gestures and the words you choose.

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Headspring Insight

Developing confidence and authenticity as leadership skills

As in an emergency, when you should always put your oxygen mask on first, leaders must attend to their own well-being before they can provide meaningful external support.

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