Digital Transformation Strategy

Fresh thinking that drives business


Digital transformation is a leap into the unknown.

You can improve productivity, customer experience and decision making by embracing digital transformation and change. However, whether change is incremental or disruptive, it is your people not your technology that matters most.

Our digital transformation programmes will help your teams to adopt a digital-first mindset, learn how to optimise user interfaces, turn offline process into digital workflows and transform happy customers into online brand ambassadors.

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Our Digital Transformation Executive Education Philosophy

Inspiring a mindset of innovation

In order to successfully achieve digital transformation goals, leaders, senior teams and staff need to adopt a new mindset: an innovative state-of-mind.

Our programmes help companies identify which areas of their business need an injection of fresh thinking, and then guide their teams towards creative, viable solutions to real-life company problems.

Our programmes don’t just inspire people to think creatively but also help leaders understand how they can include and foster a culture of innovation in their digital strategy framework and roadmap, without losing sight of the core strategy and business vision.

The Methodology

A Learning Partner for Digital Transformation of your Business

Our clients require a learning partner that moves at the same pace of the change they face, helping them mitigate the risks associated with it.  ​

​We are the best-placed learning partner to help clients embrace change, define a new purpose, navigate complex landscapes and drive behaviour change. ​

business external context

The Context

to understand complexities and find a new path
leadership tools

The Tools

to act upon new learnings and implement change
business impact learning

The Impact

to create a new culture and inspire people to embrace it
learning mindset

The Learning State-of-Mind

to change mindsets and respond faster.
Learning Innovation & Impact

Turning Learning Design into Business Impact

Every single leadership development programmes we create is unique.  Yet, each one of them is created based on fundamental principles which underpin our learning designs.

custom executive program design

Custom Programme Design

We believe executive education is a craft, not a commodity. With each new client, we develop an entirely fresh approach. Together, we ensure your learning journeys meet strategic goals and create value.

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journalistic approach ft executive education

Journalistic Approach

Our work starts with understanding, empathizing with, and challenging your assumptions, vision and objectives. For each client, we build a team of learning, impact and customer experience experts - supported by top professors and FT journalists.

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business impact of learning programmes

Measurable Business Impact

To achieve real value-creation, our collaboration continues during and after the programme as we work with you to ensure that learning outcomes are preserved in your business.

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Hard and soft skills development requires attention. The clear priority for AI-readiness is an investment in new technology and infrastructure, which will require bolstering of technical know-how and upskilling in hard areas of aptitude. Artificial Intelligence in the Horizon Report, 2019
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Understanding the AI impact on jobs

Unique perspectives on Artificial Intelligence

In 2019, Headspring produced a major report in partnership with YouGov on how professionals in Europe and Middle East understand the positive and negative effects of the imminent age of Artificial Intelligence on their careers.

The results of this research do not suggest an international workforce enthusiastically campaigning for the adoption of AI, which is understandable. AI is still, for most, an unfamiliar technology tainted by a legacy of pop culture suspicion. However, the appetite for learning and engaging appears high. Fear of artificial intelligence impact on job redundancy is low (under 10%) and much less than the expectation of new opportunities and upskilling.

We conclude that Artificial Intelligence represents an exciting opportunity for businesses across all regions and industries. However, success in implementation will depend on the management of employee expectations and confidence in the value of transition.

In times of uncertainty, as AI will unavoidably create, people need leadership. The deciding factor for most organisations, then, will be how their leaders respond.


Digital Transformation in Practice

Managing your Data


Data analytics have enabled business to identify hidden patterns in consumer behaviour and ultimately benefit from a deeper understanding of their market and customer needs.

However, access to data-rich ecosystems – combined with the pressure to deliver business results – often put business executives and decision-makers into ethical dilemmas. Despite increased regulatory enforcement, data misuse is still a major issue and cause of distrust in business.

According to the European Data Protection Board, since the launch of the GDPR, over 89,000 data breach notifications have been reported to national data protection authorities.

Our digital transformation programmes are designed to address key ethical dilemmas and what business leaders can do to ensure they are not falling in the most common pitfalls.

Transform your business

Key Insights on Digital Transformation

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