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The Pharma and Biotechnology sectors have been crucial in the response to the covid-19. The question now is how to sustain a mindset of innovation.

Industry Overview

Sustaining the mindset of innovation

The importance of the pharma industry during the covid-19 pandemic can’t be overstated.

But what is often forgotten is the transformation that the sector had to go through to be able to respond to one of the greatest challenges of our generation. The way traditional pharma companies worked with biotechnology firms and public bodies to share information, conduct trials and collaborate to develop and distribute the covid-19 vaccines serves as evidence of how a collaborative and agile mindset can help drive results that are good for business and society at large.

The question for pharma leaders is how to keep the momentum. How can innovation be sustained through culture and a new mindset? How can cross-industry collaboration become the norm, rather than exception?

Corporate Learning Solutions

How we help our Pharma Clients

Every business is different. Every business feels the impact of change differently.

At Headspring, we help organisations leverage the power of their people to create a positive economic, social, and environmental impact. We partner with our clients to co-create transformative learning experiences that empower their leaders to make responsible decisions, and achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Custom Programs

Customisation is our core expertise. Our approach is adaptable, but one thing is always the same: we start with your real business needs. If you have a complex structure with multiple learning needs, this might be right for you.

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Pre-Designed Solutions

We worked with our clients to develop a range of pre-designed solutions aimed at solving some of the most complex business challenges. If you already know your learning needs, these might be right for you.

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Learning Design Consulting

Interested in developing a learning strategy for your organisation? Need support to design a training program? We apply diagnostics and co-creation methodology to help you turn your learning needs into business outcomes.

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Office Building With Green Trees

What’s Next for the Pharma Industry and How Leaders Can Sustain Innovation

The pharmaceutical sector has been under the global spotlight like never before, and further challenges lie ahead. With vaccination programs beginning to level off the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmaceutical companies may once again find themselves in the eye of the storm, as unlocking delayed treatments and paused clinical trials causes healthcare organisations to experience a sudden surge in demand.

Client Stories

ROCHE: Getting Ready for the Future

How Roche worked with Headspring to change mindsets, enhance leadership skills and capabilities to get ready for the future of global informatics.

Pharma & Biotech Insights

One future. Multiple paths

A closer look at the issues making waves in the sector. Insights from the FT into topics from innovation and tech transformation to the businesses helping to build a sustainable future.

Big Pharma: heroes or villains?

From price-gouging to its role in the opioids scandal, Big Pharma has long been the target of criticism from politicians, especially in the US. But a brief rapprochement following the rapid development of coronavirus vaccines has soured over the issue of intellectual property.

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Pascal Soriot: the pharma CEO navigating a vaccine storm

Leadership lessons from the AstraZeneca chief, as he deals with challenges of developing a Covid-19 jab that could save millions

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Podcast: Trust me, I’m a robot

Can AI take healthcare where doctors don’t want to go? What does it mean for AI to augment human perception? In this episode the FT’s Madhumita Murgia takes us to a small village in rural India where AI is being used to help doctors better diagnose tuberculosis.

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Is Big Pharma’s influence on US trade policy dead?

The Financial Times explores the influence that the sector has over the United States' trade policy and how this influence is changing under the new administration.

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Pharma groups spend billions to tap into booming China healthcare

Partnerships with local start-ups hit record despite data security and IP protection concerns

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Idorsia/insomnia: pharma pair’s second act opens well

The biotech group’s founders have ambitions to build, rather than sell

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IE Pharma & Healthcare Club

Overcoming the Challenges of a Healthcare Startup

IE Business School’s Pharma & Healthcare Club explores the digitalisation in the healthcare industry.

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Corporate Learning Solutions

Pre-Designed Solutions

We worked with our clients to develop a range of pre-designed solutions aimed at solving some of the most complex business challenges. If you already know your learning needs, these might be right for you.

black female leader

Virtual Leadership Program

The role of leaders is being completely reshaped. While setting a clear business vision is essential, it is no longer enough

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Sustainable Growth Program

Designed to help leaders understand the fast-changing environmental, social and governance (ESG) context in which they operate.

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Digital Transformation & Leadership Program

Transform from within. Embrace digital change to serve your customers, staff and business goals. A program for leaders in the digital world

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Commercial Transformation Program

Help your sales team embrace a mindset of constant development, combined with self-reflection and practical training to help sales leaders and their teams to navigate change and transformation.

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Inclusive Leadership Program

A customisable online program for teams and business leaders who need to understand how to build and lead an inclusive, diverse and innovate team.

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Building better organisations,

Corporate Governance Advisory

A forward-looking approach to governance in a volatile world. Developed by global business leaders and supported by some of the most influential Financial Times journalists.

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