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Develop and immerse yourself and your teams with our latest virtual masterclasses. Our videos offer a global perspective on business trends and learning design to senior decision-makers.

Leadership Skills Series: The Conditions for Success

Discover in this session, the three conditions to empower your people to deliver the success.

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Trans Awareness in the Workplace: A Starting Guide for HR Professionals

Key ideas and information that professionals need to know about trans-related matters.

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Feedback and Gender: Why Women get Short Changed and How to Fix it

How to create a development support solution that creates impact and sustainable change.

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Ambidexterity: Exploring, Exploiting, Incremental Innovations

Get up to speed with Ambidexterity in organisations.

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The New Normal: Success Through Collaboration

Learn practical tips and discover research insights into why collaboration matters.

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transformative conversations

Conversation as a Transformation Tool

Learn how leaders can manage and develop people through high-impact conversations, that lead to transformative results.

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organisational development

Organisational Development: Through and Beyond a Crisis

How to build upon the lessons and learnings from the largest virtual work experiment?

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business man decision maker

Leadership Skills Series: Decision Making

Learn techniques and different decision-making criteria, depending on the context of the decision you have to make.

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female leader

Self-Development & Transformation: Leading Yourself and Your Business

Learn techniques to take ownership of your self-development, so you can transform your business.

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leadership development woman leader diversity ceo

Positive Leadership: Developing a Winning Mindset

Learn how you can boost your performance by developing a new positive leadership mindset.

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Diversity and inclusion are more important than ever post-Covid

Beyond Well-Being: Developing Resilience

But how can organisations help individuals develop the natural resilience needed to thrive and contribute in the volatile times we live in?

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Wide angle color image depicting ultra modern contemporary interior architecture in City Hall (a public building in London that is open to the public) in London, UK. Crowds of people in silhouette and unrecognizable are walking down the modern spiral staircase. In the background we can see some of the skyscrapers that dominate the skyline of London. Lots of room for copy space.

Beyond Covid-19: Leadership Skills for the 'New Normal'

The business ecosystem has been shifted dramatically. The 'new normal' will be different, but with no fewer possibilities and uncertainties that leaders will have to learn to navigate.

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ESG webinar

Sustainable Business: The ESG Agenda Beyond Covid-19

The coronavirus crisis has undeniably shifted perspectives about businesses, governments and their social role. Does the current crisis make ESG less relevant or more important than ever?

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Leadership in Turbulent Times: Creating Psychological Safety

From dealing with global pandemics, to the impact of AI and political risk, leaders need to be confident and realistic about the challenges they face and the attributes they need.

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Experience our Virtual Learning Journeys and discover how Headspring can equip you with the tools you need to support your teams, leaders and c-suite during these challenging times.

Learning REWIRED

Latest Podcast Episodes

Physical Intelligence with Claire Dale & Patricia Peyton

Science is revealing that emotional and cognitive intelligences begin in our bodies, as part of a complex system of neurochemicals and hormones.

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online learning solutions

How people learn, with Nick Shackleton-Jones

We are given endless opportunities to learn, but what separates organisations and individuals that learn effectively from those that don't?

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Innovation: a major outcome of diversity and inclusion

Delivering Purpose and Profit, with Alex Edmans

Do positive social outcomes require financial sacrifice? Is there a different route that leads to increased profits and greater wellbeing for all stakeholders?

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Leadership and Adaptability in a Changing World, with Jim Lawless

What do we as individuals need to navigate turbulent times? What skills do leaders need to keep organisations relevant and successful in the 21st century?

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Driving Sustainability via Diversity & Inclusion, with Shiela Vinczeller

Interview with the CHRO of global manufacturer Aptar, Shiela Vinczeller, about the role of Diversity & Inclusion in the evolution of sustainable capitalism.

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Delivering Digital Transformation, with Alan Brown

What makes the current shifts in digital transformation a genuine revolution unlike anything we have seen before. Why HR and L&D roles are critical to successful digital transformation

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Emotional Intelligence and Empathy, with Simon Ashton

The new industrial revolution is defined by the need to learn and learn and relearn without inflexibility and attachment.

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Diversity Targets and Inclusive Leadership, with Binna Kandola

What will the role be of inclusive leadership as we move further into a globalised future?

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ESG, CEOs and corporate scandal, with José Hernandez

Companies are not inherently "good" or "bad", but are rather defined by how they respond to the critical dilemmas

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Corporate Culture and Organisational Development, with Kit Krugman

Are businesses ready to make the necessary adaptations to meet the expectations of evolutionary capitalism?

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Power vs Leadership: A Paradox - with Professor Alf Rehn

The distribution of decision making power and accountability throughout an organisation is challenging for most leaders.

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ai digital programs

The Role of Humans in an AI-driven Workplace, with IBM's Gary Kildare

Will machines become our servants? Will we integrate with technology, or will technology replace us, taking our jobs with it?

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Headspring Talks: Leading Speakers, Leading Insights


Rana Foroohar on the Future of Work

“Technology is becoming cheaper. Being human is the only thing that cannot be commoditised”

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mo gawdat speech talk

Mo Gawdat on Artificial Intelligence and Purpose

"Innovation can only be hindered by rules that stop people from being innovative."

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Santiago Iniguez on The Power of People

The IE University President talks on lifelong learning, executive education and the power of teams

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FT Coronavirus Business Update

Navigate Uncertainty with the Financial Times

The Financial Times is making key coronavirus coverage free to read to keep you and your business informed during this extraordinary crisis. Navigate uncertain times with the FT’s award-winning journalism.

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leading with integrity

Insights: Leading with Integrity

This selection of articles from Headspring’s writers and thought leaders highlights diverse but vital aspects of leadership and integrity from the individual, team and organisational perspectives.

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virtual reality

Research: AI on the Horizon

A major report produced by Headspring in partnership with YouGov on how professionals in Europe and Middle East understand the impact of the imminent age of Artificial Intelligence on their careers.

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Report: Leading through Political Turmoil

Leading through Political Turmoil

Today’s leaders must understand where threats come from, how likely they are to occur, what impact they will have on your company, and how to prepare and respond. We offer a way forwar

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Every week we challenge established patterns of thinking, inviting the audience to reassess what, how and why they learn. Learning REWIRED is where leaders discover the trends, thinkers, and insights shaping the future of learning organisations.
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