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Physical Intelligence with Claire Dale & Patricia Peyton

Science is revealing that emotional and cognitive intelligences begin in our bodies, as part of a complex system of neurochemicals and hormones.

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Leadership and Adaptability in a Changing World, with Jim Lawless

What do we as individuals need to navigate turbulent times? What skills do leaders need to keep organisations relevant and successful in the 21st century?

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ai digital programs

The Role of Humans in an AI-driven Workplace, with IBM's Gary Kildare

Will machines become our servants? Will we integrate with technology, or will technology replace us, taking our jobs with it?

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FT Coronavirus Business Update

Navigate Uncertainty with the Financial Times

The Financial Times is making key coronavirus coverage free to read to keep you and your business informed during this extraordinary crisis. Navigate uncertain times with the FT’s award-winning journalism.

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Rana Foroohar on the Future of Work

“Technology is becoming cheaper. Being human is the only thing that cannot be commoditised”

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mo gawdat speech talk

Mo Gawdat on Artificial Intelligence and Purpose

"Innovation can only be hindered by rules that stop people from being innovative."

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Santiago Iniguez on The Power of People

The IE University President talks on lifelong learning, executive education and the power of teams

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leading with integrity

Insights: Leading with Integrity

This selection of articles from Headspring’s writers and thought leaders highlights diverse but vital aspects of leadership and integrity from the individual, team and organisational perspectives.

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virtual reality

Research: AI on the Horizon

A major report produced by Headspring in partnership with YouGov on how professionals in Europe and Middle East understand the impact of Artificial Intelligence on their careers.

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Report: Leading through Political Turmoil

Leading through Political Turmoil

Today’s leaders must understand where threats come from, how likely they are to occur, what impact they will have on your company, and how to prepare and respond. We offer a way forwar

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