The Power of Ambidexterity: Combining Disruption with a Sustainable Strategy

Discover why HR and L&D need to get up to speed with Ambidexterity to revolutionise their approach in Developing Dynamic Capabilities, Talent Pipeline and Strategy today.

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Disruption as a Growth Strategy

Is your competitive landscape being disrupted by companies that a few years ago barely existed? Has your firm enjoyed spectacular growth due to a novel value proposition but is now struggling to translate the breakthrough into a sustainable business model?


If any of these questions resonate with you, then you need to get up to speed with Ambidexterity, a management concept that is being embraced by leading companies across the industrial spectrum to revolutionise their approach to organisational development, leadership and strategy in the 21st century. 

Join us for a talk led by Marieluise Maiwald, Learning and Development consultant, Headspring Faculty Member and Coach and Ian Turner, Consultant in Executive Development and Management Learning who will debate these and other questions to understand the concept of organisational ambidexterity and why it is critical to HR and L&D.

What you can expect:

- Learn what is Organisational Ambidexterity

- Understand how businesses are adopting it

- Learn how this can be integrated into your leadership development strategy”

Expertise and Experience


Learning and Development consultant, Headspring Faculty Member and Coach

Marieluise Maiwald

Consultant in Executive Development and Management Learning

Ian Turner

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