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The role of HR and L&D in the new capitalism

Chief Executives from the world’s leading organizations argued that companies should no longer advance only the interests of shareholders.

The shift comes at a moment of increasing distress in the corporate world amidst global discontent over income inequality, sustainability and substandard quality of work-life.

Though this shift seems unique, history shows us that capitalism has evolved numerous times over the centuries. At this inflection point, what can businesses do to survive and thrive? And what role do HR and L&D leaders can play to leverage the positive impact of their businesses in society?

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Our experts embody our global approach, working across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. We work with multidisciplinary teams around our clients to understand strategic challenges and develop executive education programmes that create value.

Adam Kingl

With a career spanning a wide range of industries including entertainment, consulting, and education, Adam Kingl has spent decades working in innovation, strategy, culture and leadership. Adam is an expert on generational paradigms in the workplace, creativity, strategic and management innovation, the future of work, leadership and culture, and fulfilling organisational and personal purpose.
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