Sisterhood Foundation in Chennai

Supporting the Advancement of Women

Headspring is proud to support the Sisterhood Foundation’s work in Chennai through the charitable donation of online leadership seminars. Education is the core of the foundation’s local charity projects and we are happy to provide impactful programs in light of the COVID-19.

Through this collaboration, the foundation will be able to reach women with online leadership seminars to support them as they gain new business and leadership skills. We are thrilled to be part of their mission to empower courage, care, choices and change.


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From Mental Health Pressure to Performance

Learn how to move from surviving to thriving by employing an Organisational Growth Mindset.

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Value creation

Leadership Skills: Creating a Vision

Creating a vision that motivates is a challenge. You will learn how to drive a change in behaviour and mindset.

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Leadership Skills Series: The Conditions for Success

Discover in this session, the three conditions to empower your people to deliver the success.

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Feedback and Gender: Why Women get Short Changed and How to Fix it

How to create a development support solution that creates impact and sustainable change.

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transformative conversations

Conversation as a Transformation Tool

Learn how leaders can manage and develop people through high-impact conversations, that lead to transformative results.

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organisational development

Organisational Development: Beyond a Crisis

How to build upon the lessons and learnings from the largest virtual work experiment?

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business man decision maker

Leadership Skills Series: Decision Making

Learn techniques and different decision-making criteria, depending on the context of the decision you have to make.

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female leader

Self-Development & Transformation: Leading Yourself and Your Business

Learn techniques to take ownership of your self-development, so you can transform your business.

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leadership development woman leader diversity ceo

Positive Leadership: Developing a Winning Mindset

Learn how you can boost your performance by developing a new positive leadership mindset.

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Diversity and inclusion are more important than ever post-Covid

Beyond Well-Being: Developing Resilience

But how can organisations help individuals develop the natural resilience needed to thrive and contribute in the volatile times we live in?

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esg page

Beyond Covid-19: Leadership Skills for the New Normal

The 'new normal' will be different, but with no fewer possibilities and uncertainties that leaders will have to learn to navigate.

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