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Market and business shifts motivated by ESG issues are here to stay. How can you and your business leverage opportunities to lead the change agenda?

A different kind of crisis

Exploring possible futures for financial services

Having previously faced major reputational challenges, financial sector organisations today are in a different position than they were in previous global crises.

Leading industry analysts believe there is now an opportunity for the sector to support the recovery efforts and play a leading role and reshaping a more sustainable kind of capitalism. The very real pressures of dealing with new competitors as well as the challenges of climate change, diversity and digital transformation give the industry the opportunity to lead the movement to embrace a purpose-led and stakeholder-centred approach to business. The change, naturally, starts with mindsets and therefore investing in organisational development becomes vital in this process.

Financial Services Insights

One future. Multiple paths

A closer look at the issues making waves in the global markets. Insights from the FT into topics from M&A trends and tech transformation to the businesses helping to build a sustainable future.

ESG: understanding the problem and the opportunity

Environmental concerns are leading the change agenda. Market and business shifts issues are here to stay.

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ESG and the rise of sustainable dealmaking

ESG issues are fast becoming a central part of how investors and companies are preparing for the future.

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Small is beautiful: digital transformation in private equity

Digital transformation driven by mergers and acquisitions: what are the legal implications that you need to know?

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Can cross-border transactions fuel post-Covid growth?

Despite the injection of liquidity by governments, the global economy will shrink by 5.2 per cent.

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The pandemic has stalled activist investors, but for how long?

Activist investors have had a quiet year and were reluctant to publicly attack companies reeling from the impact of Covid-19

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cash dollar bill

Could the coronavirus hasten the death of cash?

Cash is on the decline, and the coronavirus could well hasten its demise. What are the implications for businesses?

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Digital Transformation: The Lessons, the Challenges and the Future

The 24/7 nature of finance rarely allows enough time for companies and markets to evolve or implement new systems.  In addition, the sector struggles with complex leadership and decision-making structures. Under such challenging circumstances, what can leaders do to ensure effectiveness and a positive experience in digital initiatives?

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Virtual Masterclass

Digital Transformation: A Cultural Issue in Financial Services

Digital transformation can be a leap into the unknown.

Whether the change is incremental or disruptive, it is your people, not your technology that matters most. In this process, HR and L&D leaders can play an essential role.

In the session, our experts Bernardo Crespo and Antonia Cundy will explore the following topics:

  • How to create an embrace a customer-centric digital culture.
  • Translating digital trends into essential skills
  • Turning learning and development objectives into business outcomes.
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Case study

Santander: Custom Online Learning at Global Scale

How we deployed our expert network to create a mass participation learning program in rapid response to new EU regulations.

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Case Study

BBVA Momentum: An Ecosystem of Innovation

How Headspring helped BBVA create an ecosystem of social enterprises and startups social responsibility to drive innovation and leverage the bank’s social impact.

A unique programme of training, strategic support, mentorship, networking opportunities and access to funding for social entrepreneurs, with editions in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Turkey.

FT Transact

Exploring the future of capital

FT Transact is a video channel turning the spotlight on the future of capital, exploring what’s driving transactional transformation – from trends in e-commerce, fintech and ESG investing, to the corporate innovators working to build the future of finance.

Online Learning Solutions

Discover our Customisable Online Programs

Discover our online programs and understand how they can be the right corporate learning solution for your business.

Virtual Leadership Program

The role of leaders is being completely reshaped. While setting a clear business vision is essential, it is no longer enough

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Mature businesswoman standing against a wooden wall in office

Sustainable Growth Program

Designed to help leaders understand the fast-changing environmental, social and governance (ESG) context in which they operate.

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digital transformation leader

Digital Transformation & Leadership Program

Transform from within. Embrace digital change to serve your customers, staff and business goals. A program for leaders in the digital world

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Commercial Transformation Programme

Help your sales team embrace a mindset of constant development, combined with self-reflection and practical training to help sales leaders and their teams to navigate change and transformation.

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Why we need inclusive leadership

Inclusive Leadership Program

A customisable online program for teams and business leaders who need to understand how to build and lead an inclusive, diverse and innovate team.

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Building better organisations,

Corporate Governance Advisory

A forward-looking approach to governance in a volatile world. Developed by global business leaders and supported by some of the most influential Financial Times journalists.

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